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Two days after the new year, news broke in Taiwan - a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter carrying a number of top Taiwanese officials crashed in a mountainous area on the morning of Tuesday, killing eight people, including \"Chief of Staff\" Shen Yiming.


Since the acquisition of the last fighter jets in 1937, the Air Force has been without a rule-of-law fighter for decades. Nevertheless, the situation changed radically in 1992.


On 5 September 1992, the French Government formally agreed to sell Taiwan 48 single-seater Mirage 2000-5Ei and 12 double-seater Mirage 2000-5Di fighter jets, as well as a batch of attached weapons, ammunition and support equipment, for a period of lengthy underground consultations, to Taiwan.


For Taiwan's air force, the successful purchase of the Mirage is undoubtedly a huge victory, but it is also a more formidable challenge – since the outbreak of the War of Resistance, the Air Force has long been based on American-style warplanes and educational and training systems, and knows little about the armaments of the Air Force in European countries.


In order to effectively carry out the task of changing the legal system \"Mirage 2000\" fighter aircraft, the Taiwan Air Force, after careful selection, dispatched a team headed by Major General Ge Guangyue, then commander of Unit 499 of Hsinchu Base (graduated from Air Force Officer School for 50th term, served as Deputy Commander of the Air Force), headed by a team headed by Major Ge Guangyue, who formed the\" Flying Dragon Project \"team and set up an office in Paris to closely supervise and coordinate the delivery of the Mirage aircraft and the training process.


These carefully selected seed pilots, mostly former F-104 pilots, have long been accustomed to the \"Star Wars\" inherent mechanical hydraulic operating system, with little knowledge of the \"Phantom 2000\" advanced telex operating system. What is more inconvenient is that the language and cultural barriers between the two sides also add a lot of trouble to the initial theoretical study. In general, these taiwan air force pilots are mostly fluent in english, but they know almost nothing about french; the english of french instructors tends to have a strong french accent, often confusing. In addition, the study of the french army's brief but hard-to-understand \"phantom\" fighter manual also makes these accustomed to the detailed american-style manual outsiders feel overwhelmed.


To speed up their study, the taiwanese pilots had to use their spare time to organize the better members of french to help the underachievers.


Colonel shen yiming graduated first in 1979 from the air force officer academy 60, has been smooth sailing since then, in just over ten years on the basis of superior ability and knowledge, from the pilot to the captain.


Before entering the 499th regimental service, Shen Yiming was also secretly selected into the ultra-confidential \"Desert Project\" to travel to Saudi Arabia, where there were diplomatic relations with Taiwan, to serve as an F-5E\/F instructor and train Saudi pilots to fight in Yemen. Therefore, it is reasonable that Shen Yiming had just graduated from the 81-year class of the Air Force Academy of Taiwan \"National Defense University\" when he was chosen as the leader of the seed instructor of the \"Mirage\" fighters.


In august 1996, the thai pilots finally completed their theoretical study on time, and then, led by colonel shen yiming, went to the mameng air force base to begin formal training for the flight. By April 1997, the first seed instructors had completed the training of the Mirage fighters.


In addition to the aforementioned colonel shen yiming, zheng rongfeng, who later served as general of the air force's \"political operations department \", was among them. Major Guo Yanrong, who graduated from the 75th issue of the Air Force Academy, and Major Liu Huiqian, who graduated from the 77th phase (later serving as the 499th United captain and Major General Tsai Ing-wen's deputy captain, who left his post because of the \"private smoke case \") were also selected as stunt seed pilots of the Mirage 2000 fighter, with a pair of aerobatics specially trained by the Army instructors.


On 5 May 1997, the first batch of five \"Mirage 2000\"(2 single-seaters,3 double-seaters, fuselage numbers 2002,2004,2055,2056 and 2058) were delivered by sea to Hualian Port Pier. After assembly and brief commissioning, the first \"phantom\" flew to Hsinchu Air Force Base on May 23 under the pilot of the seeding instructor and Lieutenant Colonel Shen Yaowen of the 499th United, and a formal pick-up ceremony was held on June 2 under the auspices of Air Force Commander General Huang Xianrong. Subsequently, the remaining 55\" phantoms \"have been arrived in Hualian by sea, the last batch of aircraft arrived on October 28,1998, a total of about a year and a half before and after.


The first to receive the \"Phantom\" fighter was the 41 squadron, which completed its shift training on 1 December 1997. Subsequently, the 42nd squadron officially declared its combat effectiveness on 26 November 1998. The last unit to complete the \"Phantom 2000\" was the 48th squadron, which announced on 10 May 2001 that it had completed its dressing. On the same day, the 499th United announced its formal combat effectiveness.


Colonel shen yiming, who was dressed for meritorious service, soon took over the post of captain of the 499th united flight brigade (11th flight brigade) in 1999 and was given the opportunity to study at the u.s. air force war academy. After graduating from the college's master's degree in strategy in 2002, mr. shen moved to the air force's testing and operations center, where he was given the opportunity to serve as a foreign military attache the following year.


In 2005, Colonel Shen Yiming returned to the 499th United Nations as deputy commander. In 2006, shen yiming was promoted to major general as captain of the 499th joint team. Since 2007, Major General Shen Yiming has successively assumed the posts of \"Ministry of Defence\" and \"Chief of Staff \",\" Assistant Second Chief of the Operations Planning Branch of the Staff Headquarters \",\" Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force Command\" and \"Deputy Chief of the Intelligence Staff of the Staff Headquarters \", and has been promoted to the post of\" Air Force Command Commander \"on 1 January 2011(assumed in October 2011).


Subsequently, Lieutenant General Shen Yiming was even more up the ladder, having served as \"Deputy Chief of Staff \"(2013),\" Commander of the Air Force Command II \"(2015) and\" Deputy Military and Military Minister of the Ministry of Defence \"(2016), and eventually in July 2019 as \"Chief of Staff \"(rank II).


It is also worth noting that, with the``Phantom'' fighter set, the pilots of the 499(now being restored to the second team)are also``multiplied in value'' .


In the past, the air force has a \"no three four, no air force,\" meaning that the air force commander is mostly from the third (427th) and fourth (455th) coalition pilots monopoly. In the new century, the 499th united forces continued to produce four \"air force commanders \", such as lei yuqi (air officer 54), liu zhenwu (air officer 55), shen yiming and zhang zheping (air officer 63), who are now\" deputy defence minister \").


Intriguingly, as the air force plans to purchase an additional 66 U.S.-made F-16V aircraft in the future, many military insiders have argued for the decommissioning of the Mirage 2000 to reduce maintenance costs (currently 4-5 times the unit maintenance costs of the Mirage aircraft compared to the IDF and F-16). However, such claims were quickly rejected by Shen Yiming and Zhang Che-ping (\" Vice Minister \"), the visionary fighters of the Ministry of Defence.


The death of general shen yiming will surely trigger another round of military personnel \"shuffle \",\" phantom 2000\" aircraft in the air force in the future will also waver.


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